Saturday, 16 March 2013

Progress Report

So today I took some progress pictures. I did it this morning because I normally forget and I was feeling good after my personal record yesterday:  squatting 10 reps of 100lbs! I'm going to stick with that weight until veins don't pop out of my forehead when I lift it anymore :D

The last time I took pictures to show my progress was very shortly after I started lifting, so they are as close to 'before' pictures that I have. I put on the same outfit and stood in as much the same way as I could to get an accurate comparison.

Here they are!

Uploading these, especially to an account linked to my modelling name, took quite some courage. They're unedited, no sucking in, no posing (apart from the arms and maybe a little arched back on the butt shot), no special lighting. They show me as I really am, which I think can be a good thing. Those of you who follow my modelling will know what I can do with my body when I pose it in the correct way, even before I started working out properly (like in this very NSFW picture that contains boobies by Stefano Brunesci at Christmas time last year) so hopefully these won't put you off!

I'm very proud of what these pictures show, actually. I didn't think I'd changed that much, but looking at my waist, bum and arm/back muscles, you can see that what I'm doing is definitely working! I took my measurements this morning as well, to compare to the last time I took them...

                    15th Jan                            16th March         
Waist:          65cm/25.5"                         62cm/24.5"      
Hips:            85.5cm/33.7"                      83.5cm/33"
Thigh:          53.34cm/21"                       50cm/19.6"
Upper arm:  25cm/9.3"                           24cm/9.5"

And I've lost centimetres/inches all over! I've not actually lost any weight in lbs, so I'm assuming I'm losing fat and gaining muscle, just like I should be!

Thanks for indulging my vanity, you may go now :)

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  1. random passerby found this by a friend liking this on facebook.
    the second shot profile style shows your posture has improved a hell of a lot (see the spine is more natural there and less overly curved).
    as for keeping weight same until veins stop popping out of your forehead...yeah good luck with that! mine do that at anything approaching challenging sets and as you lose bodyfat they'll do it more rather than less.
    as long as they're not doing it while casual i really wouldn't concern yourself about it.
    (random advice from random stranger you don't know and will never meet. yay the internet!)