Wednesday, 28 November 2012

After effects of Yoga

I was pretty surprised to discover that 45 minutes of Yoga was worth 175 points on Fitocracy, as for me it just felt like a lot of stretching and a bit of balancing. Today and yesterday, however, I can understand! I'm aching all over, much worse than I have been the day after a session running/doing crunches/on the cross trainer at the gym. 

I'm planning on doing Yoga on my off days and starting to do a lot more strength work. 
My new workout plan looks something like this (the yoga is in there to help me stretch out and improve my posture and flexibility. I may skip it some weeks/days if I'm feeling particularly sore).

Monday: Strength
Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Strength
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Strength
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Cardio.

I've been asking a ton of questions on the Fitocracy forum about strength exercises and a very lovely and helpful lady has come up with a routine for me, which is pretty exciting. The people on the forum were all so patient and helpful with all my questions, I can feel a real sense of community there and it's given me extra motivation - I want to show them I've taken all their advice on board and not give up!

Here's my new strength routine:

Barbell Squats 3x8-10 (3 sets of 8-10 reps)
Barbell stiff leg deadlifts 3x8-10
Weighted crunches 3x10
Weighted side bends 3x10
Planks 3 x F

I had to ask what the 'F' meant. It means "to Failure", in other words "hold it as long as you can". I love the terminology!

It's also been suggested that I focus more on building my endurance with the cardio, so I'll be trying to up my time rather than my pace or distance, and attempting to get to the point where I can run for 45 minutes to an hour.

I'm trying to reschedule my personal training session for today, as I have tons to do tomorrow, including waiting for a delivery, so we'll see what they say. If they can do it, then I'll get to test run my new routine sooner than I thought!

Today for breakfast I had a whole mango chopped up into some low fat natural yoghurt. YUM! I'm going shopping later for some more veg and fruit and meat, so I'll probably have a big lunch and then something light for dinner before the weekly pub quiz.

Hannah :)

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