Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Strength, Hiking and Levelling up!

Saturday saw me and a group of friends tackle stages 1 and 2 of the MacLehose Trail, a 24km hike which somehow ended up being 28km. Took us just under 8 hours and I was shattered by the end! The first part was ok, quite easy but stage two was a lot of going uphill. I got terribly, terribly sunburned :(

I took a rest for a few days and then today went to the gym to meet my friend Ariel who wanted to get started with the weights. I made her promise not to sue me if she hurt herself and explained that I'm in no way qualified to teach her, but if she wanted to come along and see what I do, I'd be more than happy to show her. Best part of the session? Turning up and finding we had to wait because the fixed-weight barbell we needed was being used by a big burly man. Girl power!

As for food, I've been a bit rubbish at keeping my new year's resolutions (no surprise there, really), but I've been easting ok-ish. I will admit to the odd Subway sandwich and pizza, but I've cut down on the drinking and dairy. I'm actually very interested in the Paleo diet at the moment (not as a diet but as a lifestyle change) and have been looking up loads of recipes to try out. I like the idea; eat only what humans ate between 2.5 million years and 10,000 years ago. So that means no legumes, grains, wheat or dairy, basically. Suits me fine, as I'd like to cut out wheat as I bloat a lot when I eat it and I can deal with the rest. I'll definitely still have the odd pizza or cheese sarnie once in a while though ;)

Here are my last couple of workouts!

HanAsh Tracked a Workout for 881 pts 22 Jan, 2013
  • Hiking:
    • 7:42:00 || 28.2 km || 16:22 min/km || moderate hills || 3 kg (+881 pts)

Ariel and I have agreed to meet on Friday to get back in the weights section....little does she know just how much she's gonna ache for the next couple of days *mwahahaha*

As always, here's a link to Fitocracy if you feel like joining and starting on your own journey of points, quests and awesomeness! 

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