Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear!
Well, Christmas wad definitely a gym-free zone, as I don't have a membership to one in the U.K (where I was for about 3 weeks). I did take my running shoes, but it was too cold to go for a run (bbrrrrrr) and my pilates DVD, which I managed.....once.

Along with 2 Christmas dinners (at Ras' parent's and at mine the following day), wine, chocolate, home made mince pies, Christmas cake and general indulgence, I was pretty worried about stepping on the scales and getting my tape measure out this week! But as it happens, I had nothing to worry about. I've managed to stick exactly where I was before Christmas, which gives me a nice starting point for this year!

You already know my fitness goals (I'm meeting something this week hopefully who'll be taking me through the barbell workouts at the gym to ensure I don't injure myself), but my health/diet goals have changed, somewhat. I've been talking a lot to Anita De Bauch, who swears by a book called The Beauty Detox Solution and based on her results, a quick flick through the book and some internet research, I've decided to go vegan once a week, vegetarian twice a week and eat more fish on my 'carnivore' days.
I've started today (vegan day today) with some apple and cinnamon porridge and a banana for breakfast and corn on the cob for lunch. This evening I'm having a spaghetti bolognase minus the meat.

I'm very interested to see how this affects my body; apparently animal products are a lot harder to digest than raw fruits and vegetables, and so can leave you feeling lethargic. Hopefully a couple of days a week of vegan/vegetarianism will see my energy levels increase. Maybe I'll even see an improvement in my skin, hair and nails!

I'm off on a hunt for scrummy vegan and veggie recipes, so if you have any please send the links my way!

Hannah xx

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  1. These are some of my "go-to" foods!

    1. 1/2 avo, sprinkled with naturally dried sea salt
    2. fruit!!
    3. lush Greek nibbles from the deli. couscous, three bean salad, domidoes (sp?), houmous, wholemeal pittas. and feta if you're having a veggie day.
    4. baked potatoes with mediterranean veg bolognaise and salad with cold-pressed olive oil and cider vinegar
    5. brown rice pasta with veg baked in the oven with thin slices of hard goat's cheese on top
    6. stir-fry veg with lots of mushrooms and sprouts in tamari soy sauce, fresh chillies, ginger and garlic, fried in coconut oil, with brown rice, soba noodles, or quinoa, or omelette if it's dinner time
    7. veggie soup (pref. dairy-free) with wholemeal toast!
    8. Innocent veg pots (vegan)
    9. baked fish fillet on top of baked cherry tomatoes with lots of fresh coriander and ginger
    10. sushi! there are vegetarian and vegan options such as tamago nigiri, avo rolls and cucumber rolls, as well as the raw fish, which isn't a bad option for dinner, either. Avo rolls are my favourite!

    Hope this helps! xxx